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Sabor Instructional DVD

The Instructional DVDs may be collected during class times (at the Sabor Dance School, Berkeley Cultural Center, Pembroke, Bermuda)

For international orders, please email us your shipping information and we will expedite your DVD.


Lesson 1

  • Learning Salsa at 150%
  • Salsa Checkpoints
  • Basic Step
  • Side Step
  • Cumbia Step

Lesson 2

  • Break on One
  • Right Turn
  • Left Turn

Lesson 3

  • Left Cross Body Lead
  • Right Cross Body Lead
  • Face Turn
  • Bridge Turn

Lesson 4

  • Silk Wrap Jersey
  • Arrow Jersey
  • Presenta Jersey


  • Practice the Seven Principles
  • Fabians


  • Performance Snippets
Bermuda Salsa instructional video

The Sabor Dance School of Bermuda is proud to present the first in a series of Latin dance instructional DVD's. Clear some dance space in front of the TV and learn how to dance salsa with Angela Hayward, the director of Sabor Dance School and her partner, Travis Gilbert. In this easy to follow DVD, they teach you the seven principles of salsa as taught at the Sabor Dance School that will enable you to develop a strong foundation in salsa dancing.