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About Us

The Group consists of 3 separate but cohesive entities that work together to support a

complete Latin entertainment platform. The group's mission is to provide a holistic experience in Latin food,

beverage, music and dance. Visit Our Services page for a detailed description of the products and services that we offer.

Let's Celebrate Life! is the group's retail storefront, which serves as a marketing, promotion and information

delivery vehicle. By accessing the website, each visitor is given an opportunity to consider the products and

services offered by this innovative entertainment group. is your place in cyberspace for the

complete Latin entertainment experience. The website provides opportunities for sponsors and advertisers to

showcase their products and services before an increasingly diverse audience.

Contact Us:

For general inquiries, contact the Group at

For website-related inquiries, email


The Sabor Dance School

Feel the Flavour of Latin Dance

The Sabor Dance School is the nerve center of the group and specializes in offering high quality Latin dance

instruction. Sabor has brought together some of Bermuda's best instructors, performers and choreographers

with an aim to, through the use of a carefully developed curriculum, produce strong, confident, competent and

fun loving dancers. Frequently Sabor dancers are invited to perform and offer instruction to people throughout

Bermuda and abroad. All students and instructors are encouraged to frequent SalsaMania events during the

week and throughout the year. Sabor has developed a warm embracing culture which is inclusive of everyone.

Students are inspired towards enriching and rewarding self expression while developing their dancing skills.

The school also offers comfortable dance apparel, which includes t-shirts, foot wear, sweat tops and various

performance/instructional DVDs.

The Sabor Dance School, located in the purpose-built studios at at the Berkeley Cultural Center (the Old

Berkeley Institute), offers an expanding class schedule which includes instruction in several Latin dances,

including salsa, cha cha, merengue, bachata, rueda and Argentine tango. Classes are offered to students of all

levels and provide a fun and exciting way to spend any afternoon or evening. You can relax and enjoy

beautiful music and dance, taught by instructors who have a passion and a strong technical understanding for

many Latin dance forms. Private classes can be arranged by speaking with any of the Sabor staff, or contact

us below.


Contact Us:

To book private classes, scheduling or curriculum inquiries, or to have us perform at your next event, email or call (441) 33-SABOR (337-2267).

DIRECTIONS: We are located at the Old Berkeley School on the corner of Berkeley Road and St.John's Road in Pembroke. Look for a large green building near the bottom of the hill, and follow the signs to reach our studio.


SalsaMania Productions

Discover the Passion

SalsaMania Productions is the marketing, promotions and events production division of the Group. This exciting production company currently has one weekly dance venue, various hotel projects, a popular weekly salsa radio broadcast and the Mambo Nights event series under its management. SalsaMania Productions has experienced the most pronounced growth of all of the Group's entities this year and is responsible for the successful operation of all special events. This expansion has resulted in SalsaMania Productions' increased ability to create enormous exposure opportunities for its sponsors.

Contact Us:

For information on upcoming events, social dancing venues and other Latin entertainment-related inquiries,